ASLA Launches New Guide to Transportation

People often focus so much on improving specific sites, but there has also been renewed interest on HOW we get there. And not just an Uber vs driving yourself.
There is also an expectation from some city planners that people should just start biking/walking/etc. w/o the supported infrastructure. Let me tell you buster; it ain’t gonna happen! So it’s good to see the ASLA start to address this need at least in principle.


ASLA 2009 Professional Award of Excellence. Buffalo Bayou Promenade, Houston, Texas. SWA Group / Tom Fox

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) has launched a new guide to transportation, with in-depth sections on how to plan and design more sustainable regional, urban, neighborhood, and street transportation systems.

Transportation infrastructure is a significant part of the landscape. The original social network, it connects us to families and friends, jobs and businesses, education and recreation, and is a vital part of the public realm. However, conventional, car-centric approaches to transportation have contributed to negative outcomes for people and the environment:

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