About This Blog

This blog is about PLAY and what it means to live an enriching, play-filled life.

In academic speak: this blog is dedicated to the exploration of environmental and behavioral enrichment of humans, and other animals, in the modern world.

Humans need play to be fully human, to be fully, happy, healthy organisms.This includes looking at their environment, community, physical and mental health, spiritual needs, and more.

In zoos and aquariums there are people dedicated to studying how to keep animals safe, happy, and healthy through environmental enrichment, which is basically a fancy word for play. There is somewhat of a gap, however, for improving the environmental enrichment of humans. Thankfully this idea of creating a happier, healthier space for humans is becoming more prominent, and there are definitely some disciplines – industrial design, education, physical fitness – looking at the importance of play and creativity, and how to add it into our lives.

The goal of this blog is to compile these studies and stories in order to explore and better understand our needs as whole human systems, and what we as individuals can actively do to make our environment, both individual and global, better, healthier, and happier.

Check out the constantly growing page of articles, stories, and inspirational groups I’ve been collecting over the years.

About Me

My name is Beth. I am a journalist-blogger-anthropologist-traveler-athlete-foodie-crafter-gardener-photographer-wife-mom-daughter-activist-woman who is curious about all sorts of stuff. Exploring environmental and behavioral enrichment seems to be the place where most of my interests come together.

Contact me at mbeth.kelley at gmail dot com.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. hey, your blog is really interesting. i’m pretty new to blogging, and can’t — for the life of me — figure out how to; italicize, hyperlink, add pictures, etc. whenever you get a cgance, could you let me know how, where, etc.? sorry, and thanks…dusty

    email is senor.coletrane@gmail.com

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