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Bathrooms, Internet part of revitalization plan for Pioneer Square

101 S Jackson St in the Pioneer Square neighbo...
Example of architecture in Pioneer Square Neighborhood. Image via Wikipedia

Revitalizing a neighborhood, i.e. growing a community or keeping it from leaving, can be difficult, even if everybody’s in agreement on what needs to get done. I’m seen a couple of revitalization plans for neighborhoods *cough* *Alameda* *cough* *cough* go nowhere fast. Seattle’s plan for one of its oldest neighborhoods, Pioneer Square, involves free Internet and better parking.

Comcast has been chosen to provide high-speed Internet service to businesses in Pioneer Square, Mayor Mike McGinn said Wednesday, one of several efforts aimed at reanimating a neighborhood perceived to be in trouble.

McGinn also announced that Onehub, a business-file sharing company from Bellevue, was moving into the city’s oldest community next month. Charles Mount, Onehub CEO, said juiced-up Internet was a key factor in the decision to bring his 10-person business across Lake Washington…

The Comcast and Onehub announcements were part of the unveiling of a new plan (PDF) to revitalize Pioneer Square, the product of a panel of more than two dozen business, neighborhood and city leaders. Among the ideas are to increase residential density, streamline permits, improved lighting, better manage parking increase public safety.

“We by no means think we have the problems licked in Pioneer Square, we know it’s going to take a lot more work,” McGinn said.

more via Bathrooms, good Internet: Can they save Pioneer Sq.? –

Last summer they also had a “Pioneer Square” craft festival with food trucks and all sorts of crafty items. I have no idea if they’re doing it again this year (I guess not?), but if they are going to try and keep it as a tourist attraction for the people who jump off the ferries, then bathrooms and better lighting are a good start.

What else would you do to improve the feel of Pioneer Square? Cleaner streets? Different kinds of shops? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. …………………Welcome to Pioneer Square a reader blog of news opinion and conversation about the neighborhood. ………………………This post originally appeared on a blog that shares pictures news and events from Seattles first neighborhood.. The following is a letter from PSCA — if you want to get involved and help Pioneer Square have a better future please follow one of the action items listed at the bottom. It will take 10 minutes at the most and will be a really good thing for the neighborhood. .Dear Pioneer Square Stakeholders Business Owners Residents and Friends .As you know much is taking place that will greatly impact the future of Pioneer Square including South End Construction the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program and the plans for the North Lot.

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