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A Swing Set That Powers An Electric Light With Every Pump | Co.Design

As kids my friends and I used to imagine creating electricity out of the swings or the merry-go-round. Turns out we weren’t the only geeky kids who thought up that kind of thing:

Swinging is a self-contained pleasure, an activity where the work and reward are one in the same. But for their pop-up installation outside the International Centre for the Arts in Guimarães, Portugal, the art collective Moradavaga added an unexpected twist to the childhood pastime: a little bit of light, powered solely by the motion of the swings themselves.

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If you could turn any play equipment into a power generator, what would it be? Leave your ideas in the comments below.

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Swings for the home

This is so cool! Swings that you can install in your own home, designed specifically for grown-ups! Brought to you by Svvving.

more at Swings for the home: 2modern.

I love the idea that a company makes swings for grown-ups to use indoors. Introducing play into your space is important, and for this company profitable. 🙂