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Getting back into the (blogging) game

person wearing black nike low tops sneakers playing soccer
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You know that feeling when you pick up an old sport? An old instrument? Hesitant, new but familiar. Visceral muscle memory of the ball on your foot, or the paintbrush in your hand. You are surprised at how much you remember and yet curse yourself for how much you’ve forgotten. You remember how hard it was and time-consuming, but also how rewarding and fulfilling.

It’s been awhile.

A lot has been going on.

I had a (third) child in December.


I traveled a bit, mostly to show off said child.

I went back to work in June.

So I’ve been busy. But I’m hoping to get back into the swing of things.

To share stories about child-friendly, adult-friendly, play-friendly spaces. How to make spaces enjoyable for everyone, or at least make sure that everyone has a space. Public spaces and private spaces.

But I’m still a little rusty. And still working and parenting and other things. Not as much time for research. Not as much time for ethnographic endeavors and events (I had to skip the EPIC conference this year in Hawaii, I’m so bummed!).

So I may not be quite as consistent as I was, but I’m still here, practicing, kicking the ball around.

Hope to see you out on the field.