Dads Stacking Cheerios On Their Sleeping Babies Goes Viral

This is a time full of sad news of hatred. There is also lots of news of people generally not having much of a sense of humor. Plus, let’s face it, being a parent can be hard and it can be difficult to see the joy and playfulness in the mundane.
With all that, it’s nice to see that parents still can find joy in “breaking the rules” and doing something quite silly.

Moms and dads across the country are attempting to outdo each other by seeing how many Cheerios they can stack on their sleeping babies faces.
It all started when Patrick Quinn of Life of Dad, the online community for fathers that’s closing in on one million Facebook followers, posted a picture of his sleeping baby with a stack of five Cheerios on his head. He then challenged the internet to top him.

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There are some kids that even awake and helping out with the stacking challenge.

Hooray for celebrating and sharing the silly, playful moments of parenthood!