A Garden Airport in Singapore

One of my most favorite airports I have arrived at was the Maui International Airport, because one of their waiting rooms was an outdoor garden patio area, with lots of birds, flowers, and greenery that had an amazing calming effect for me after a long flight and while waiting for my next delayed flight (the pleasant weather probably helped too). I love the idea of incorporating more greenery as discussed for this Singapore airport…


singapore1 Project Jewel at Changi Airport, Singapore / Safdie Architects

Singapore has long aspired to be a “city in a garden.” Since the early 1960s, the 300-square-mile city-state has been serious about preserving nature and also greening underused spaces. In 1970, President Lee Kuan Yew dictated that there were to be “no brownfields;” all empty space would be planted. Today there are 5.4 million people packed into the island, but nearly 10 percent of the country is covered in parks, many of them newly created. More than 300 neighborhood and regional parks along with four nature preserves are in the process of being connected through hundreds of kilometers of greenways. Now, Singapore’s Changi airport, the sixth busiest in the world, is getting the same treatment as the rest of the country — its being greened, in an exciting way that re-conceives the experience of the airport.

Safdie Architects and

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