Hitting the Wellness Trail

Great perspective about the importance of environment as part of the healing process, from the perspective of a hospital administrator.

Starting With Curious

CHW LogoJames brought me a caterpillar the other day.  Never having met him before, I was impressed with this 10 year old’s gumption in bringing an insect on a milkweed leaf, unsolicited, to the office of the executive vice president of the hospital.  I was even more impressed when he started to talk.  James, who has spina bifida, has spent a lot of time at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  But he’s pretty unimpressed with our clinics and operating rooms.  What gets him going is the park-like space across the street on the County Grounds.  Once the home of the Milwaukee County School of Agriculture and Domestic Economy, Asylum for the Insane, TB sanitorium, and poor house, among other things, the County Grounds is now largely occupied by the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, UW-Milwaukee Innovation Campus, a golf course, and stormwater detention ponds.  But pockets of the grounds remain undeveloped, including the

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