Making! The Other Story: Robot#10, Twins Separated at Birth, and Hacker Mama

Call it making, hacking, independent empowerment; to me, a lot of this is just grown-ups playing. Think Legos or junk robots. 🙂

Ethnography Matters

Silvia Lindtner Silvia Lindtner

Amelia Guimarin Amelia Guimarin

Editor’s Note: Silvia Lindtner (@yunnia) and Amelia Guimarin round out the March-April theme on makers, hackers, and engineers with this post that shares three stories of hackers and makers in China. Their observations complicate the celebratory story of hacking/making, giving us a richly detailed look at some of the real challenges and triumphs in this very active space.

Silvia Lindtner is a postdoc at the ISTC-Social at UC Irvine and at Fudan University Shanghai, and is the cofounder of Hacked Matter. She researches, writes and teaches about maker culture and its intersections with manufacturing in China. Drawing on her background in interaction design and media studies, she merges ethnographic methods with approaches in design and making. This allows her to provide deep insights into emerging cultures of technology production and use.

Amelia Guimarin is a independent producer and researcher at UC Irvine.  She has…

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