December = The Giving Advent Calendar

I have seen November designated at the Month of Gratitude, and I was truly inspired by the list of 100 things you could do to make your neighborhood/community more playful.

I’ve been thinking, what about combining the two into a month of giving, or instead of an advent calendar where you get a treat, you make an advent calendar where you GIVE a treat.

This doesn’t need to cost you any money, either. You can give time at a volunteer effort. You can help someone move something heavy. You can give a compliment. You can build one of the 100 ideas posted before and put it in a public space where everyone can use it.

I really like this idea, and although we are all busy and poor and have way too much to do, myself included, I am going to try and do something for someone else at least up until Christmas, other than the usual obligatory caring and feeding of my dependents (dog, kid, fish, etc.), and preferably for free and/or using materials I’ve got laying around the house.

What kind of free giving are you planning on doing this season? Share it in the comments below.