How Marketers are Capitalizing on Play

Yes, it’s true. Marketers have known for years that people want fun, playful experiences, but it’s only in the last couple of years that companies have been willing to take those playful risks themselves and go out on a limb to make those fun-filled experiences happen. From Forbes:

“The easiest way to create sharability is to give people an experience,” offers Franz Aliquo, Creative Director at ad agency RPM. “Something that turns their mundane day-to-day into something magical.”

Aliquo should know; not only does he worry about corporate brands in his day job, he’s the creative force behind numerous immersive experiences that have gone viral in recent years. His creations include a pervasive 30 day, 24/7 watergun assassination tournament called Street Wars; Rental Car Rally, a competition that’s part food-fight, part-Burning Man, part Cannonball Run; and Flavor Tripping Parties.
“Look at how people use Facebook,” continues Aliquo. “We all want to share the amazing things that happen in our lives – the things that make our lives seem less mundane. People post about what they do, that’s what’s really sharable.”

Whether it’s new races like The Color Run and Tough Mudder, or underground dining parties, organizations are dreaming up new ways to tap into people’s desire for unique experiences and camaraderie that makes them want to share."

While the Forbes article is focused more on the marketing aspect of it, to me the big takeaway is that people are looking for fun, playful experiences, and if large companies or marketers are willing to facilitate that play, people are happy to engage.