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Bringing the outdoor experience to lunch

Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant

I’m back from a short vacation, much of it spent in Spokane, WA, where I was thoroughly impressed by the falls and the fact that they had built this amazing promenade on both sides of the river to encourage people to go out and enjoy this beautiful site right in the middle of their city. I saw this blog post from Inhabitat this morning, and while I don’t think Spokane is quite ready to take the plunge with this, I thought there might be some fun inspiration for them here:

The Villa Escudero Resort of San Pablo City in the Philippines offers a one of a kind experience for guests to get up close and personal with a roaring waterfall while enjoying their lunch! Their waterfall restaurant sits at the foot of the Labasin Fallswhere guests can enjoy local cuisine at handmade bamboo tables while clear spring water runs over their feet. The falls are so people friendly, guests can even lie against the rushing water covered wall for quick massage or post-lunch rinse off. This is one resort where no shirt and no shoes are no problem!

I wish more restaurants and public locations would let grown-ups play during lunch. 🙂