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My thesis, summed up in a two-minute video

After working for literally YEARS on my Master’s thesis (I’m still SO excited that I graduated this past quarter and am an official M.A.), I come across this video, which pretty much sums up my years of work in two and a half minutes. It showcases two students from Parkour Visions in Seattle, WA, explaining why they like parkour, mostly because it lets them play again. Upon seeing this I had two thoughts: “well done” and “dang!”

My parkour buddies also showed me this video recently, which in approximately 9 minutes explains the whole reason I wanted to do my thesis in the first place. The video is actually a pitch for funding a documentary called “Seriously!” which interviews a lot of play experts on the subject of play, including many people I cited in my thesis, and why play is important for our survival. In this case, my reaction was wanting to send it to my thesis advisers and scream: “See? See?!”


Anyway, it is a very nice video, so enjoy:

One thought on “My thesis, summed up in a two-minute video

  1. That sounds unique. Not long ago I saw a video of a couple of guys doing something like this–it was amazing. I didn’t realize there was a whole movement about this and that it actually had a name.

    Have you heard about the A to Z Video Challenge?
    Blogging from A to Z

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