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Walk in Workshops | Science Gallery

The Science Gallery in Dublin provides a space to explore science, technology, and art in its multiple facets.

In June, they ran workshops “a selection of walk in workshops and a chance to test out the speed and accuracy of a penalty kick, thanks to the institute of Physics.”

Different programs included:

Make a simple vibrating robot with a scrubbing brush and a small motor.

DNA Extraction
It might sound painful but all we need is a little bit of your saliva for you to actually be able to see a small amount of your very own DNA.

LED Wrist Band
Turn up in techno style at the festival season this year with this simple LED wrist band, a simple circuit using a 3 V  battery and an LED

Origami Bucky Ball
Explore the unusual construction of a Bucky Ball through the art of origami. With the simple building blocks you can build Bucky Balls out a variety of materials.

A slightly more complicated robot, the BristleBot appears like it has some expensive sensory equipment enabling it to reverse away from a barrier. Find out it’s secret at this make and take.

Find out about more of their programs via Walk in Workshops | Science Gallery.