The seed is planted

Hello. Let me start this great adventure by saying first thank you for taking the time to stop by. We are all incredibly busy these days. In fact I have been so busy that I have been creating this blog for several months but haven’t actually gotten around to starting it until today. But here it is. Taa-daa!

The goal of this blog will be to explore environmental and behavioral enrichment. Sounds pretty dull, right? But really what it comes down to is this simple question:

What makes us happy?

What do humans need to live better, happier, more fulfilling, more productive lives? (For example, we all feel we need more time!) There are so many people looking at different elements of this the human experience – doctors, artists, coaches, designers – but few people have really sat down in a room together and asked, “hey, what does it take to keep humans happy? What have we found that is in common with each other? Are we telling people conflicting things (sometimes, yes!)?” There are people who study animal enrichment, but usually we don’t look at human enrichment.

My hope for this blog is that it opens up a venue for discussion, for people to look at different parts of being human and finding out simple ways of making our lives better. Something as simple as adding a house plant to your windowsill. Or phoning a friend. Or breathing deeply. Try it. Go ahead, right now, breath in slowly through your nose. … … … You now have more oxygen flowing to your brain and hopefully feel more relaxed and concentrating on the moment. My goal with this blog is to bring you more moments like that. More deep breaths.

More to come.