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C’mon, get happy!

Why? For one thing, your smile predicts how happy you’ll be in marriage. However, love at first sight might be genetic, so don’t take it too hard if you don’t feel immediate sparks.

If you need help getting happy and connecting with others, try playing. Why? Because play is the glue that keeps societies together, according to Peter Gray.

“Hunter-gatherers used humor, deliberately, to maintain equality and stop quarrels, Gray contends, and their means of sharing had game-like qualities. Their religious beliefs and ceremonies were playful, founded on assumptions of equality, humor, and capriciousness among the deities. They maintained playful attitudes in their hunting, gathering, and other sustenance activities, partly by allowing each person to choose when, how, and how much they would engage in such activities.”

Just remember, play is important to your social well-being.

You know what also works? Tickling and scritching.

One thought on “C’mon, get happy!

  1. Beth and Rafe,

    I wasn’t able to connect to the article about predicting a happy marriage but sounds intriguing.

    Are you familiar with Dr. Gottman’s research on marriage? I learned about him from Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent book BLINK.

    John Gottman is a psychologist researcher that claims he can predict whether people will divorce with 91% accuracy.



    Loving all the interesting topics!


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