Zoo photos

This has truly become the zoo blog rather than much complex interplay. It’s pretty much just me and the other invisible contributor – aka my husband Rafe – sharing our adventures at the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle, WA. But there is a lot to explore there, and we are happy to support research and preservation of habitats for all animals.

For example, Rafe’s birthday adventure? What else – taking our family and friends to the zoo to see their primate brethren.

Baby gorilla wants to play with or eat the stick, I can’t tell.

Golden lion tamarin (aka marmoset) doin’ her thing.

Gage and Orangutan
My nephew Gage is not impressed with the orangutan (and the orangutan doesn’t look all that impressed either).

I am always fascinated to see these guys in action. They all have their own movement and behavioral patterns, yet these patterns are also so recognizable as being shared by us humans.

See all the photos from that day on my Flickr.