Documented and Democratized

This article in Newsweek really got me started thinking about this idea of the “Millenial” generation (post 1982, so I JUST missed the cut) as being over-documented, over-exposed, lack of privacy, democratization of information, lack of understanding of copyright and ownership laws, and how technologies like the Internet and cell phones have existed for as long as they’ve been aware enough to notice (although I still remember my mom being really excited about getting the Internet and me being disappointed because I couldn’t find any games).
I know everyone says “this” generation is new and like nothing they’ve seen before, but “this” generation really IS like nothing we’ve seen before. It’s like the first generation of colonists born in the American Colonies way back when. Sure their parents gave them this new land and brought them up in these new frontiers, but these kids were immersed in it from the moment they set foot outside, and all the while trying to adapt their parents’ cultures and customs to this new reality.
I am fascinated to see what this generation, who has no fear or apprehension of technology, who is used to reality TV and learning physical discipline like parkour off the internet, and texting people while hanging out with other people, will come up with on their own, how they adapt their grandparents belief systems to this new way of living. This generation is also a lot more international, and yet not necessarily internationally aware, than previous generations. What exactly will go down? Stay tuned!