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Small vignettes out in the wild

I have been taking small "luck" or "fortune" figurines and letting them play in found vignettes.
It is fun to play like kids do with their surroundings and it makes me see my environment in a new way.

I will crosspost them here on my blog, but you can follow me on Instagram to see more of these.


Bunny buddy in Chicago

This past week I got to travel to Chicago. I wanted my daughter to feel more connected to where I was, so I brought one of her toys; a toy bunny she has had since she was an infant and already has a habit of going on interesting adventures (My friend still had this bunny as her profile pic for at least a year).
I also wanted to bring Bunny because it is fun, and a little daring as a grownup, to bring a toy to a "grown up" restaurant and sightseeing.
Stay playful.


Creating playful spaces

On a walk today I found a couple of plastic containers on the side of the road, and decided they made quite good shadow boxes for found objects.
I just grabbed the closest pretty or interesting things I could find next to the box, so these aren’t my best work, but I figure that’s sort of the point; just be playful with that which falls in your lap. Or on the side of the road.