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Portland Goes Green On Potholes |

Portland Goes Green On Potholes | Portland

Ah, Portland, specializing in making spaces more friendly and playful in somewhat unique ways:

This flower mysteriously appeared in a not so friendly pothole.The pothole had been reeking havoc on many a car tire and bike riders were terrified of it. But alas the flower has come to the rescue and now Mr Pothole is not intimidating at all as Ms Flower brings a smile too many.

via Portland Goes Green On Potholes | Portland.

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Freak Bikes of Portland

I’ve been watching episodes of American Hipster Presents – a fun video series about different entrepreneurs/artists/etc. around the U.S. (side tangent, how crazy is it that we live in an economy where I can write entrepreneurs/artists/etc. and have that not be weird? Hello Etsy!) – I came across the freak bike builders of Portland. It’s a group of guys and gals around Portland that build their own bikes and then pedal around town in bike gangs, playing games, hanging out with friends, and being overall pretty silly.

To me this is a great showcase of grown-ups making playful spaces and space for play in their lives.

The main interviewee says it best [paraphrasing]: “Kids get to play on bikes, why shouldn’t grown-ups?”

It also makes me kind of want to move to Portland.