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Nicole Howell’s ‘Toss With Care’ Trash Can Good for Sustainability, Homelessness | Inhabitat

I am an aggressive (yet polite!) reuser/recycler, and always on the hunt for effective ways to encourage people to divide and conquer their trash, so to speak. This looks like a great idea.

The Pratt Institute for Design is known for its phenomenal furniture design students as well as architects, artists, graphic designers, but for trash can designers? Yes, that’s right, recent graduate Nicole Howell turned her ‘Toss With Care’ trash can design thesis project into a full on mission to better understand homelessness in New York City, and along the way, she became fascinated with trash divers. Her project, Toss with Care, which developed out of her initial experiment the trashpoline, was design to not only act as a traditional trash receptacle, but also a recycling can and a place for edible leftovers for street dwellers in search of food.

more via Nicole Howell’s ‘Toss With Care’ Trash Can Addresses Homelessness & Sustainability in NYC | Inhabitat New York City.

I wish there was a consumer model for this; of course, it wouldn’t be that hard to replicate…hmm….