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In Love With My Planet –

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of celebrating the best, prettiest, largest playful space out there – Earth – some beautiful photos showing off the planet in all its natural glory.

Sebastião Salgado, one of the world’s most admired photojournalists, has spent a lifetime relentlessly training his eye on human degradation and suffering. His photographs, though beautiful, are often full of despair. Mr. Salgado’s new work, “Genesis,” is a testament to something altogether different: the joy, innocence and repose in earth’s Edenic corners.

croc 1

croc 2

croc 3

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It’s Raining Rain Gardens | Sightline Daily

View of a bioretention cell, also called a rai...
Example of a rain garden. Image via Wikipedia

Oh, all right, but only because you asked soooo nicely; for Earth Day, an example of how communities in the Puget Sound are coming together to protect the Earth and improve their own personal environments as well.

Researchers have pointed the finger at stormwater runoff as the top source of pollution that’s getting into Puget Sound and other Northwest waterways. And because runoff comes from just about everywhere — roofs, roadways, parking lots, farms, and lawns — the solution has to be just as widespread.

Enter 12,000 Rain Gardens.

This week Washington State University and Stewardship Partners, a nonprofit working on land preservation, announced a campaign to promote the installing of 12,000 rain gardens around Puget Sound by 2016. The website even has a counter tracking the number of gardens and encourages folks to enter their rain garden into the database.

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